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The Power of a Morning Routine

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When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive; to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. – Marcus Aurelius


With all good intentions, you set your alarm with just enough time to get ready in the morning ensuring you're maximising your sleeping hours.  As the alarm sounds you roll over, hit the SNOOZE button and know that you can sneak in another 10 minutes.

As it sounds for the second time you're forced out of bed. With a feeling of grogginess, stressed and anxious knowing that you are now running late for work. You already have a to-do list streaming through your mind, you're showered, dressed, running out the door, coffee in hand whilst piling the kids into the car.  Your day has begun.........dis-organised and chaotic.

Why create a morning routine?

Every morning we wake with a limited amount of willpower and energy. By making small decisions throughout the morning we are disbursing this energy slowly.  When we are overwhelmed with a continuous stream of decisions we make throughout the day, we are struck with what is known as 'decision fatigue' depleting us of energy and leaving a feeling of overwhelm. 

The key to reducing overwhelm is by creating your own morning routine and keeping your first waking hour as consistent as possible. By beginning your day with a productive morning routine you are removing the sense of overwhelm in return increasing energy levels, productivity and organisation in your life.

Finding your FLOW….

Today I will be sharing with you my Morning Routine. I have two small children so this time is essential for me, ensuring that I am setting my day up for success! Your morning routine may look different but here are some suggestions to start your day more organised and stress-free.

 5am - Start the day  - My alarm is set for 5am everyday including Weekends. My body clock now naturally wakes me before my alarm sounds. I know by waking at this time I get 45 mins of time to start my morning before everyone wakes so this is my motivation for getting straight out of bed. This also allows me to wake in a calmer state in return flows on throughout my day.

 5am - Lemon Water - Every morning is started with a large glass of warm lemon water which flushes the toxins, rehydrates the body and an excellent source of vitamin C.

 5:05am - Morning Coffee - I sit quietly sipping on my morning coffee with a notepad and write the things I would like to achieve throughout the day. I love structure within my day and by allowing myself 10 mins in the morning creates balance throughout the day.

5:20am - Meditation - Meditation has been an active part of my routine for the past few years. It's not something that came naturally to me but through practicing everyday it calms the mind and allows me to feel balanced throughout my day. There are endless science-based studies that support the incredible benefits of incorporating meditation into your life including releasing stress and anxiety, improves concentration, encourages a healthy lifestyle, increases happiness and self-awareness just to name a few. 

5:30am Shower - I begin my routine with 5-10 mins of dry body brushing. After my shower, I will cleanse my face, apply a hydrating facial mist and facial moisturiser. I am currently using the Hydrating Body by Meeka Body which is incredibly nourishing on the skin and the essential oils are incredibly calming first thing in the morning. 

 5:45am - Everyone is awake and I am ready to start the day

 Creating your own morning routine…

The beautiful thing with creating your own morning routine is it doesn't matter how much time you have, all you need to do is start. This is the one time of the day that you choose 'YOU' and allowing yourself to have this time will seamlessly flow on throughout your day. 

So in the morning, I encourage you to set your alarm and just start. Begin with setting your alarm, allowing your body to wake at the same time every day for a week. Get straight out of bed and enjoy a quiet coffee, yoga or meditation. You may find this is all you need in the mornings but if you are looking for more add an additional element to your routine.  Below is a list of suggestions and links for further guidance on creating your perfect morning routine:

Meditation  - To learn how to meditate this is a beautiful video to learn the basics of mediation - Click here . There are so many amazing apps and resources available if you are wanting to learn meditation and what works for you. 

Yoga - A beautiful yoga sequence for beginners is by Tara Stiles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PgIfOOHwH8. Tara has a range of sequences so experiment and find the one you love doing every morning.

Dry Body Brushing - To learn the benefits and how to Dry Body Brush view our blog post The Benefits of Dry Body Brushing.

Daily Essentials  - Here are a few suggestions for skincare that will provide the perfect start to your morning.

We would love to hear how you start your morning or further suggestions. Head over to our Facebook page and let us know in the comments or comment below.






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