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The Benefits Of Dry Body Brushing

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If its glowing and more radiant skin you're looking for this winter, keep reading as we have a quick and easy solution that will only take you a few minutes each day.

What is Dry Body Brushing?

Welcome to the world of dry body brushing a popular technique that helps exfoliate and clear the skin while assisting in eliminating toxins from the body. As we age the body is not as efficient at shedding the dead skin cells. By using a dry body brush daily you are encouraging cell renewal resulting in a more radiant, glowing skin.

This technique involves massaging your skin with a brush made from natural materials, like the Natural Bristle Body Brush by Meeka Body. With regular dry brushing, your skin can become smooth and silky. This procedure unclogs your pores, removes dead skin cells, may increase energy levels and can improve circulation by stimulating the lymphatic system.

How to Dry Body Brush?
  1. Starting at your feet, brush using long sweeping movements towards the groin area
  2. When you move onto your arms, start at the hand and use long sweeping motions up the arm towards the armpit, giving the elbow extra attention as this can be a dry area
  3. Gently brush from the neck down towards the heart
  4. Use  circular strokes in a clockwise direction on the stomach
  5. Ensure you shower to wash away the dead skin cells and impurities.
  6. Moisturise the body with a nourishing body oil ( we recommend Meeka Body Hydrating oil)

Why not try Dry Body Brushing for yourself? Start off brushing daily for up to 5 minutes and notice the difference for yourself within a week. 

Happy Brushing!


Important Notes:

Avoid using on breasts and genitalia area and on sensitive skin . Make sure you adjust the pressure of the brush to the different parts of your body, so it is comfortable yet stimulating enough to increase circulation. Do not brush over sunburnt, inflamed or irritated skin.













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