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Kyella Rose Hydrating Mist

Kyella Rose Hydrating Mist




This all natural alcohol free hydrate mist contains precious Bulgarian rose & a specially selected blend of plant botanicals rich in antioxidants to protect & help boost skin hydration levels. Antioxidant hydrate mist nourishes & tones skin to keep it looking fresh & revitalised.

Key Ingredients

Apple: Revitalises & cleanses. Nourishing & moisturises. Soothes irritation

Goji Berry: Powerful antioxidant, high in minerals and vitamins, soothing & helps prevent the signs of aging

Gotu Kola: Firming, toning, soothing & purifying

Bearberry: Brightens the complexion

Bilberry Leaf: Vessel protective, purifies & cleanses, soothes irritated skin